The Interior Design Collective is an exclusive, invite only community that champions and supports the very best in independent interior design. We celebrate and connect like-minded designers so we, as a collective can offer exceptional  design services across the UK. 


Accessible, client-led interior design has never been in greater demand, but finding the right person for you and your home is not an easy task.... breaking down the myths about interior design, even more so. The Interior Design Collective are taking strides to change that.


We celebrate talented designers who offer professional, inspirational and flexible interior design services, making it easy for you to connect with someone close to home. As well as showcasing the work of our amazing designers, the IDC runs a private online platform, offering a positive and effective form of communication for our freelance community.

"Such a genius idea - a network of some of the best interior designers in the UK all able to access each another for support, advice and inspiration, as well as sharing knowledge and contacts? Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that? And on the flip side, as a customer, if you find a designer whose work you love but who is based miles away, the collective can put you in touch with someone who may have a similar aesthetic but in your area. The IDC is one to watch.”

Kate Watson-Smyth