Hi, I’m Andrew, namesake of Andrew Jonathan Design. For more than ten years I’ve been working in PR and communications with a mix of property and design clients and household brands. I've always harboured a passion for design which I put in to practice in studying with the KLC School of Design and renovating our first home.


In transforming our property, I refined my design approach and built a deep understanding of how to make the most of a space and the way it makes you feel. Since then, my work has gone on to be featured by the likes of the London Evening Standard, Apartment Therapy and 25 Beautiful Homes.


My approach is accessible and bespoke. I love to partner with people to help them realise their vision. For me, it’s about designing living spaces with an inquisitive attention to detail that ultimately makes you smile, and helps improve how you spend time in your home.

Photography - Chris Snook