'Christmas' dinner is served.........

December 12, 2017

Well the reindeers have landed along with other decs so it's 'beginning to look at lot like Christmas' in our house which is always nice.



As the relentless stream of 'the top 50 Best Christmas table settings' flood into your social media feed, you can begin to feel slightly overwhelmed by the whole affair and the attraction of a week in the winter sun suddenly appeals. But, before you go booking that flight to Tenerife, maybe it's best just to take a step back and think about what would actually work best for you. It's all about creating the right atmosphere for your family and guests. 



So how do we dress the table for Christmas dinner?


As wonderful as a crisp white linen table cover looks on entrance, once it's had a few gravy splashes and cranberry blobs dropped on it...... it may lose its appeal.



I am much happier embracing the casual, mix and match approach to my table decorations. A simple centre piece with a variety of leaves for interest, throw in a couple of tea lights and other decorative candles to give the setting a wonderful nice 'glow' which sets the tone for a far more relaxed affair.


Now my table chez moi is a little 'rustic' to say the least. £15 from eBay a couple of years ago it arrived bearing quite a few war wounds but it is G-Plan so let's not be too harsh on this designer classic. On the plus side, this slightly 'rustic' backdrop instantly makes people feel more relaxed enabling them to dine at ease. (And let's face it, when it's fully loaded, you don't see a lot of the table anyway!)



If at all possible, it is nice to have is good cutlery so if you're going to be investing in anything for the big day then I'd focus on this. You spend days planning this feast so it's always lovely to have a beautiful cutlery set to eat it with. 



Then sit back and allow the other decorations within the room to create a delicate backdrop of sparkly light and interest. Whilst the table setting remains relaxed, informal and welcoming without fear of being too precious, ready for the odd spillage here and there and most importantly........for a few hours of eating, drinking and having fun.



Many thanks to Fiona for today's post and from everyone here at the IDC, we wish everyone a very happy, stress-free and of course, stylish Christmas.


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