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February 12, 2018

Today's post is courtesy of Serena Pitchers of Your Interiors Friend, based in Royal Leamington Spa. Over to you Serena....



If you’re reading this post you most likely have a healthy Interiors habit and no doubt follow some of the best design writers out there. Many of them being some of the fantastic American and Canadian websites such as Domino's where they featured this beautiful shot by Will Anderson. It might be just the kind of blue you've been looking for for your own home, so excitedly you click through to see what the paint colour is and....


Photo: Will Anderson for

Archway in Bavarian Forest, Middle Wall in Venezuelan Sea, Floor in Beau Green, Benjamin Moore



Oh, it’s Benjamin Moore, can’t get that here in the UK.




So the colour hunt begins again.


Or you’re a Pinterest King or Queen, using it as a brilliant resource tool to find the perfect grey for the dining room wall and yes! That’s it, that’s the one and...



.... aargh, Wolfe Gray and Caliente. By Benjamin Moore.


**head desk**

But wait…stop press!! Benjamin Moore has a UK Distributor and is now AVAILABLE IN THE UK. This is big news.


Benjamin Moore, for those who may not have them on their radar, are an iconic paint brand, founded in 1883 by Irish Immigrants to New York; Benjamin Moore and his brother, Robert. It has since become a go-to brand in the US as their commitment to innovation and quality of the product means it is a favourite with Interior Designers.


The product distributed here by Shaw Paints is directly imported from the US so is the same assured high quality. Benjamin Moore can offer next day delivery across the UK which make using their paints a very real proposition.



But, and there is a but, Benjamin Moore offer over 3600 colours. That’s overwhelming for professionals, never mind the end consumer but as a Trade Partner of the Interior Design Collective, Benjamin Moore have been true to their reputation for excellent customer support offering the IDC a workshop in their studio on Fulham Road, London, to talk us through everything. And boy are there things to talk through!



Fiona Duke and Brooke Copp Barton left speechless by the Helen Shaw’s colour fest

So on a very wet, stormy and grey January, IDC members: Fiona Duke Interiors, Born and Bred Studio, Brooke Copp-Barton and me, Your Interiors Friend were invited to join Helen Shaw, the Marketing Director of Shaw Paints (the UK Distributor of Benjamin Moore) at their gorgeously streamlined design hub.



“Benjamin Moore has over 3600 colours in their range”
- Helen Shaw - Marketing Director of Shaw Paints, Benjamin Moore’s UK Distributor





Although the sea of colours looks overwhelming, in fact, Helen was able to break down the range, as Benjamin Moore do, so that it all makes perfect sense.





Classic is the original 'full spectrum palette’ and consists of 1680 colours. These are tonally muted colours with strip of 7 colours based around the one colour to go up or down in intensity as desired. I noticed there is a really nice number of options around the #ultraviolet hue, so this alone could be very useful if following the hype and following that this colour has already.




Colour Preview:

‘Colour Preview’ consists of 1240 colours, they are described as a more modern palette and have perhaps more variance in the two-opposite end of the spectrum as they have more variations on the paler end and on the deeper end. They are perhaps more vibrant and clean.



You can see at a glance how the two fan decks and palettes compare




This then brings us to the ‘collections’ presentation, which collates smaller (around 144-240 colours per collection) ranges of colours, some of them from the full spectrum palettes but some unique to their collection.




Off-White and Historical being self-explanatory, but Affinity is a particular Consumer Friendly Collection, in which all 144 colours have been tonally designed to work harmoniously together, to help the less colour confidence to put their own scheme together.  Colour Stories is a very special and complex collection which uses a 7-pigment process rather than the normal 3-pigment plus black and grey. This gives complex undertones and needs a whole other blog….





This brings me to quality and interestingly it is the quality of the Benjamin Moore range that really gets the creative juices flowing. Why? Because as Helen began to explain the quality of the paints and how that translates in to the usage of the product, the parameters of what is possible in a design began to widen. In fact, with the colour range and the quality, only the designer’s imagination will limit a scheme.





The quality will blow your mind!





Benjamin Moore’s size and history mean that they can invest in new technology to constantly improve their product. BM manufacture their own resin called Gennex, the resin being the ‘glue’ that bonds the pigments together.




The quality of the resin means that the paint has excellent durability and resists rubbing off of the paint colour. This higher quality translates as being able to obtain a flatter, matt finish on surfaces that traditionally, as a designer, you would have to sacrifice some added sheen for the sake of practicality. So, their standard Regal Matte is fine for use on the walls and the skirting and architrave, particularly relevant when painting the skirting the same colour as the walls.





Much of the high quality can also be put down to their fantastic mixing system. The Gennex resins negates the need for solvent based products, so solvents are never used in the mixer. No solvents mean no need for detergents to clear the mixer, which can be attributed to inconsistencies in how the paint performs.



They do chalkboard paint in around 3000 colours!



The price points are a little higher than some competitors, especially in their premium Aura range; however as most of the paints are self-trimming which saves money in the application/labour costs. The quality also means less re-paints at a later date, again, saving application costs.



Those are my excited eyes!


They have ceiling paint (brilliant for critical light situations), Natura® (super eco- Zero missions, great for nurseries for example), Aura® (Super colour lock technology), Advance (for superior Woodwork and furniture durability) to name just a few. Way to much to cover in a single blog post, but hopefully i've given you a little insight into Benjamin Moore's product range. I know the rest of the IDC members are as excited as I am to have them as a trade partner!


The future is bright, the future is……any one of 3600 colours!


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