Based in Somerset, in the idyllic village of Mells, YMMD Design is the interior architecture and design company of Yarah David.
 YMMD offers the complete Interior Design service from concept to completion and can help with every aspect of the design process - including artwork selection and interior styling.
I have worked in the design industry for twenty years, starting in fabric and wallpaper design and moving into interiors. I love to source unusual pieces that ensure each project is unique, while remaining relevant to the client's brief and crucially, on budget. I often re-purpose and like to use found objects for anything other than their sole original intention. My personal style would be a mix of vintage and new tech with some classic design thrown in along the way, but I also firmly believe that the best Interior Design solutions originate with the client. It's my objective to enhance their individual taste by adding the benefit of my experience and ability to visualise the created space.